Cloud based VoIP

cloud based voip

Why use cloud based VoIP?

You don’t need to purchase the physical severs and the private branch exchange in order to use a cloud based VoIP system. All you need is to ensure that your vendors have the necessary data centers and the business will pay a monthly fee for the service, a fee that covers the configuration, maintenance, hardware upgrades etc.

This can be a big advantage for you because you can save money. First you need to assess your business plan and see how much do you spend on your current phone system and whether you plan on upgrading for more advanced features. Cloud based VoIP can save money your small business just needs a basic phone system with a few features without adding mobile app support and other advanced things then a cloud solution is your best friend.

Your quality depends on your network, you can approach different companies to help you keep the voice and the data traffic separate and also a company that can offer you backup connectivity to reduce call interruptions.

As your business grows you need to rethink and change your strategy. When using an on premise system you are stuck with the features the system comes with, but the cloud approach is different. If you access one centralized software platform in the cloud the customers can request and take advantage of the new features and capabilities. These can be added and made available to all customers at the same time without any disruption.

Cloud based VoIP does differ so much from hosted VoIP, the cloud environment should not limit the features that the business can find in a hosted VoIP even if using cloud means sharing the service with other subscribers and you may have to pay extra for private connections, but it still does not have to pay to have, maintain, or configure and monitor the equipment on the premises.


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